File a Claim

Eligible Class Members have three options to file a claim as identified below. To file a claim, click the ""File a Claim"" button below. All claimants are required to provide contact information regardless of the option(s) they choose to file a claim. Class Members may claim refunds for both landline and mobile telephone services.

Note: If you choose Option 1 (Standard Amount) for one type of service, you cannot receive a refund under Option 2 or 3 below for the same type of service. You may, however, claim Option 1 (Standard Amount) for one type of service and claim Option 2 or 3 for the other type of service.

Option 1: Standard Refund Amount

To receive a standard payment, you do not need to submit any supporting documentation. The standard amount is $27.50 for residential landline service, $46.00 for business landline service, and/or $46.00 for mobile telephone service.

Option 2: Actual Amount Refund Claim - Submit At Least 10 Phone Bills from August 2005 - December 2008, or Other Carrier-Provided Documents, Reflecting UUT Paid

Supporting Documentation: You may submit a full set of bills (or other service provider documents) reflecting the tax paid during the Class Period, or submit a sample of the following:

  1. At least one bill (or other carrier provided document) reflecting UUT paid on a monthly basis from August 2005 through December 2005, and;
  2. At least three bills (or other carrier provided documents) for each calendar year of 2006, 2007, and 2008 reflecting UUT paid on a monthly basis (i.e., 3 bills for 2006, 3 bills for 2007, and 3 bills for 2008).
  3. Sprint and Verizon Customers: if you were a customer of Sprint and/or Verizon between August 11, 2005 and December 19, 2008, you may provide consent for Sprint and/or Verizon to search for your UUT payment data during the Class Period, and provide it to the Claims Administrator. Please note that if Sprint and/or Verizon is unable to locate UUT payment records for the specific type of service requested, your claim shall be treated as though you made a claim through Option 1 for this type of service.
  4. T-Mobile Customers: if you were a customer of T-Mobile between August 11, 2005 and December 19, 2008, please use the toll-free number included in the Class Notice to request a written statement of the UUT paid during the Class Period from T-Mobile.

Option 3: Actual Amount Refund Claim - Submit 10 Recent Phone Bills Showing Payment of the City of Long Beach UUT.

To file, you must provide bills (or other carrier-provided documents) reflecting UUT paid in at least three different months in three different calendar years and at least one bill from a fourth calendar year for each kind of service you are seeking a refund for (i.e. 3 bills each from 2016, 2015, and 2014, and 1 bill from 2013).

If you have been here before and filled in a form, but haven't submitted your claim, please type the username and the password that you received from us below.